Monday, May 19, 2008 Student credit and student loans

A typical college curriculum is loaded coursework dedicated to history, math, english, science, and whatever classes that support your actual major. The one thing that colleges lack in teaching is basic financial education, most notably how to handle debt; including credit cards, student loans, and finances beyond the college experience. I imagine some college students have no concept of balancing a checkbook and the word "budget" what is that? Sad but true.

Many websites offer good information about credit card information and definitions. If you want to learn more about student credit or information about student loans, visit the student credit page here or the student loan page here.


Linda Casey said...


Our credit cards for students site also offers information for students (especially college freshmen) who plan to have their first credit card. Like you said in your last post, "Knowledge is not always power", but knowledge is key to avoid mistakes you just mentioned.

Linda Casey

Muddassar Shah said...

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Rizwan Ali said...

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Diana31 said...

Student loans from bankruptcy in almost all circumstances means that repayment demands extend effectively forever, leaving even the most destitute debtors with no way out. And bankruptcy exemption makes private education providers less cautious about peddling high cost loans to low-income students who might never to repay them.


Andrea Laura said...

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